The law firm has been active in the legal development and design historically both corporate farms and numerous corporations with experience in adapting their structures, dimensions and patterns of interaction, accompanying the main changes of corporate life.

It has participated in significant operations of buying and selling of corporations and batches of shares of the country, having carried out numerous operations of mergers, divisions, dissolutions and liquidations of corporations.

It was pioneering in the making and registration of Contracts of Joint Ventures and Associations of Business Cooperation as well as in the legal development and design of business associations in different areas.

Advice to concessionaire corporations of privatized public services and utilities, public building contractors and corporations that render service to the national, provincial and city government, in Argentina, Chile, Bolivia, Paraguay, Brazil, Uruguay and Colombia.

It has actively participated in the matters of the emergency regimes and in systems of restructuring of state liabilities. Comprehensive advice to first rate private financial entities, considering their daily legal problems and contributing to the design of processes and instruments – both generic and special – for their operation and management.

In many cases, it has taken on the judicial and extrajudicial management of debt collection in all its forms. It has actively participated in the making, renegotiation, and fulfillment of agreements of bank clubs and it has taken part in situations derived from the liquidation of financial entities.

It has the opportunity to constitute and deal with all kinds of loan guarantees, ranging from the personal guarantee to fix or floating pledges on loans, mortgages, warrant and antichresis, whether these should guarantee special credits or packages of operations.

It has participated in the launching, development and solution of programs of negotiable obligations, commercial papers, shares, financial trust funds, debt securitization and portfolio management in the financial and stock market context of Córdoba, Buenos Aires, Montevideo and New York.

Proven experience in contentious cases, representing both actors as to defendants before the courts of the country in collaboration with the outside, as well as in arbitral proceedings.